Your stool can save lives.

We are seeking healthy volunteer donors to provide life-saving treatment for people with C. difficile infection. As a reimbursement for their commitment, donors are paid $40 per donation of stool.

Half a million Americans contract C. diff infections each year. 1 in 5 patients find that the infection comes back, even after they take antibiotics. For these patients, daily life gets hijacked by the disease. 30,000 people die from the infection or related causes every year.

Where antibiotics have failed, a new treatment called fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) made from donor stool cures 85% of patients after the first try. 

Who can donate? 

Donors must be local to Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville, Massachusetts and pass a series of health screens. To begin:  

  • Can you visit our labs at Central / Kendall Square (Cambridge) at least 3 times a week for 60 days?

  • Will you be 18-50 years old during the donation period?

How does donating work? 

It's different than donating blood: stool donors go through at least two rounds of rigorous screens that involve blood and stool tests. They must drop off donations several days a week for at least 60 days.

As compensation for this commitment, donors receive $40 per stool donation. 

The process: 

1. Join the registry

When a spot opens up for a new stool donor, we contact qualified members of the Stool Donor Registry. We will not contact you for any other reason, and you may ask to be removed from the registry at any time. 

2. Take the health questionnaire

To start the screening process, we invite you to complete an online health questionnaire similar to the one that blood donors answer. The clinical assessment and safety team reviews your answers and typically gets back to you within 2 weeks with the results. 

3. Attend the clinical interview

If you pass the health questionnaire, we invite you to make an appointment for an in-person health assessment by our medical staff. 

4. Complete blood and stool screening

At the clinical interview, if you pass, we arrange for you to test your stool and blood to determine whether you have any potentially infectious pathogens or other risk factors. 

5. Donate! 

Donors who pass the health assessments, stool test, and blood test are on board to donate stool for 60 days! Our hours are:

Central / Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA)

Donation Hours

Mon-Fri: 6:30am-7pm Sat-Sun: Closed

Clinical Appointment Hours

Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm by appointment only
Fri-Sun: Closed

A note on our address: We cannot accommodate walk-in appointments, and will not accept donations from those who have not passed our screening process. Screening is by appointment only, and we will send full details on how to visit our location when we set you up for an appointment (please see steps 1-4). 

6. Complete follow-up screening

After 60 days of donating, you will undergo the health assessment and blood and stool screens again. If you pass, the stool you donated will be released to treat patients all over the country! You are welcome to keep donating for another 60 days, and many donors do. 

Where does your stool go?

Your stool gets turned into treatments for doctors to use in fecal transplants. Most of the stool gets used to treat C. diff infection, and some of it will be used in clinical research to discover new ways to use gut bacteria to treat disease.

A treatment might be sent to one of:

  • More than 1,000 medical centers treating patients with C. diff infection, or

  • More than thirty clinical trials testing fecal transplantation in ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and other disorders

Ready to sign up? Join the registry!