OpenBiome’s Patient Assistance Program

OpenBiome is committed to facilitating safe access to FMT. If you have a patient with recurrent C. difficile infection for whom the cost of an OpenBiome treatment would pose a significant financial burden, OpenBiome offers a Patient Assistance Program to cover the cost of OpenBiome material for use in their fecal transplant procedure.

If you are interested in contributing to OpenBiome’s Patient Assistance Program to directly support pro bono patient treatments, please visit our Patient Assistance Program page or email us at

Clinicians must submit the Patient Assistance Request Form on behalf of their patient to OpenBiome for consideration. In addition to designating the patient’s qualifications for financial assistance, clinicians should also provide context on the patient’s financial situation without disclosing personal health information.

If you have any questions about participating in the Patient Assistance Program, you may contact our Outreach team by emailing or by calling us at 617-575-2201.

Typical considerations for qualification:

  • The treating hospital lacks a financial assistance program of its own

  • The patient is uninsured or the patient is insured, but billing for FMT was unsuccessful

  • The patient’s household income is at or below 200% of the applicable Federal Poverty Guidelines

  • The patient qualifies for other reasons:

    • May include: (1) Patient has outstanding medical bills that exceed 15% of patient’s income (2) Cost of living in patient’s area (3) Insurance has denied coverage.

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