OpenBiome pioneered the field of microbial biobanking with our universal donor model. Now, we’re taking the next step, to let you reconstitute your gut bacteria using the donor most tailored to you: yourself.

PersonalBiome, a biobanking pilot program designed to enable the long-term preservation of your healthy microbiome, was launched by OpenBiome in 2015.  This microbial repository service allows you to bank a copy of your gut microbial community to access to repopulate your gut microbiota in the future.  The service is best suited to those who are at an increased risk of developing C. difficile infections, such as those preparing for surgery or expecting to receive antibiotic therapy.  The pilot program is closed at this time.

OpenBiome remains committed to providing microbiota therapies from universal donors for the majority of patients, those who will not have their own repository available. However, PersonalBiome extends our core suite of microbial restoration services by enabling its users to forego a generic healthy microbiota restoration, and instead resurrect their own particular healthy microbiota.

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To learn more about the suite of services offered through PersonalBiome, you may visit the PersonalBiome FAQ page.  To request additional information, please don't hesitate to email us at