Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) & You

FMT is a promising investigational therapy for C. difficile infections when antibiotic treatment is failing. In the guides below, we offer information about C. difficile, about FMT for patients with C. difficile not responding to antibiotic therapy, and about who may be a good candidate for FMT.

However, FMT is a new therapy that is still under investigation, and your doctor should help you determine whether it is the right choice for your treatment.  Please use this information as a guide to initiate a conversation with your doctor about whether FMT is a good option for you. 


Patient Support & Resources

If you and your doctor have determined that a fecal transplant is the best treatment option for your C. difficile infection, you can find information here about how to prepare for your procedure and how to protect yourself against reinfection with C. difficile after your procedure. OpenBiome's highest priority is patient safety—learn more about our Quality and Safety Program here

Additionally, OpenBiome has collaborated with Finch Therapeutics to develop CP101, a freeze-dried oral FMT capsule, to expand and ensure long-term access to FMT for recurrent C. difficile. Trial sites around the U.S. and Canada are now enrolling patients. Learn more about participating in the trial at prism3trial.com

If you have recurrent C. difficile infection and the cost of an OpenBiome treatment would pose a significant financial burden, OpenBiome offers pro bono treatments. Learn more about our Patient Assistance Program.

FMT is also being explored as a potential therapy for a host of other diseases, under controlled clinical trials. If you are a patient interested in participating in a clinical trial, you may consult the database at www.clinicaltrials.gov to find trials that are open for enrollment.