Let's make a difference.

OpenBiome Andrew Noh stocking freezer

OpenBiome's mission is to expand access to fecal microbiota transplantations (FMT) and help lead groundbreaking research into the human microbiome. We care deeply about helping patients. We get excited about poop. We are passionate individuals who get up in the morning to help our clinical partners and strive to be at the cutting edge of a new field of medical science that we are helping to build.

To help us achieve our mission, we are building a team of diverse academic, professional, and personal backgrounds. We believe blending these different perspectives allows us to improve and grow both as an organization and as individuals. We work hard and admire self-motivated teammates who take pride in their work. We value critical thinkers. Most of all, we want passionate teammates that are driven by the need to make a difference in the lives of others.

If this mission and opportunity excites you, consider applying to the following job openings with us: