This section serves as a one-stop-shop for the important forms and resources at your disposal when you work with our material. Whether you're a new clinician interested in joining our network or a long-term partner who would like to provide educational material for your patients, you will find all of the resources you should need below.

Joining Our Clinical Network

Ordering Material & Shipping

Administering FMT

Patient Support

  • Pre-FMT Patient Guide: a scheduling and cleaning guide for patients preparing for an FMT procedure

  • Post-FMT Patient Guide: a guide for post-FMT patients about how to minimize the risk of re-infection after their procedure

The OpenBiome Quality & Safety Program

Quality & Safety Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitoring & Traceability: information about OpenBiome's forms for tracking the safety and efficacy of FMT material and how to complete them

  • FMT Follow-Up Form: deidentified patient outcome data, to be submitted 8 weeks after FMT procedure for every patient treated

  • Adverse Event Reporting Checklist: consult this checklist prior to reporting an adverse event to ensure that all relevant information is submitted

  • FDA MedWatch Form 3500: the form FMT providers should submit to the FDA and OpenBiome in the case of a serious adverse event

Need more? If you don't see a form or resource that you would find helpful, please don't hesitate to email and we'd be happy to provide what you're looking for.