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The human microbiome is emerging as a transformational new field of medicine. To spur progress, we support a broad network of researchers at leading academic medical institutions. We are also leading clinical trials in neglected diseases where compelling evidence suggests that changing the bacteria living in our guts could reverse disease.

OpenBiome has collaborated on over 30 clinical trials across a broad array of indications. Beyond FMT preparations, we provide clinical guidance, regulatory and operational support, microbial genomic sequencing support, and other technical assistance to researchers. Our clinical trials portfolio spans autoimmune, infectious, metabolic, and neuropsychiatric diseases, and accounts for 36% of all FMT trials in the US. We invite you to join us and other thought leaders in the field as part of our growing clinical research network.

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What we're working on: 

OpenBiome has collaborated with Finch Therapeutics to develop CP101, a freeze-dried oral FMT capsule, to expand and ensure long-term access to FMT for recurrent C. diff. Trial sites around the U.S. and Canada are now enrolling patients. Learn more about participating in the trial at

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