Basic Science Research with OpenBiome

In addition to our commitment to provide safe access to FMT, OpenBiome is here to partner with investigators to uncover the role of the gut microbiome in addressing unmet medical needs. 

To support basic science research, OpenBiome has developed the Fecal Microbiota Preparation for Research applications (FMP-R). This microbiota preparation is designed for researchers interested in developing biological tools from the bacteria found in human stool, including humanized animal models and biomarker screening methods.

We are actively working to catalyze this exciting and rapidly emerging field of science. Below, you can learn more about ordering FMP-R material and working with OpenBiome to support your research goals. To place an order or inquiry, please review our Research Collaboration Guide for basic science researchers, fill out our short Research Request Form, and submit it to

Please expect significant lead times on any orders of basic science research material.

    • The OpenBiome FMP-R Pack provides microbial communities from healthy human donors along with accompanying molecular and clinical characterization data to support research into the human microbiome. Each FMP-R pack includes 25 aliquots, each containing a 1 ml preparation of concentrated fecal microbiota isolated from one or more qualified OpenBiome donors, tailored to the research application. These samples can be used for both in-vitro assays and in-vivo applications (such as humanization, colonization, and competition experiments) in pre-clinical animal models. For more information regarding the FMP-R pack, please review our Research Collaboration Guide.

For more information regarding these FMT preparations, please review our Research Collaboration Guide or contact us at


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