We are excited to announce that OpenBiome is partnering with Finch Therapeutics, a mission-driven biotech, to ensure continued safe access to FMT.

OpenBiome will license its stool banking technology to Finch’s team of microbiologists, data scientists, and drug delivery experts, and Finch will become the contract manufacturer of the material that OpenBiome provides. OpenBiome will also help Finch secure FDA approval so that patients continue to have access to FMT in perpetuity — a lengthy, expensive process that OpenBiome cannot undertake alone.

This collaboration will allow us to execute our mission at a level we could not have imagined before.

  •  We will provide safe access to fecal transplantation for patients with recurrent C. difficile today, and help Finch pursue FDA approval so that patients have access to FMT in perpetuity.
  • We will continue to catalyze research in the microbiome by providing clinical investigators with logistical and material support and by facilitating standardization and knowledge transfer across this field. With additional resources from this collaboration, we will support early-stage, high-risk, and long-term microbiome research programs that might not be able to secure traditional funding. In the future, we hope that this work will advance public knowledge of how gut bacteria can be engineered to help cure or even prevent disease.

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