Maybe FMT has made a difference in your life, or the life of someone you love. Maybe you just think it’s a neat way to help make the world a healthier place. However you got here, if you’re interested in ensuring that everyone has access to this therapy, we appreciate your support!


No one knows more about FMT than patients and their doctors. If you have ideas for improving our service or developing new services, we’d love to hear from you at 


If you’d like to brighten our day with a joke, we have a good sense of humor about our line of work and appreciate all contributions! Give us your best shot (slogan jokes especially welcome) at


We accept financial donations through our secure donations page. Donations are tax deductible. All contributions go towards scaling our organization to ensure safe, low-cost access to FMT for all patients in need. To recognize your contributions and because we couldn’t resist making an awesome t-shirt, we offer the following thank-you gifts:

$25: Thumbs up 
OpenBiome Team fridge magnet

$50: Fan
OpenBiome Team T-shirt

$100: Supporter 
OpenBiome Desk Companion 

$250: Sponsor
Sponsored FMT (We’ll include a dedication to a person or cause of your interest to be included in a letter to the recipient, and offer the patient an opportunity to reply with a personalized thank-you. All donors at this level or beyond have the option of being recognized on our website through a dedication on our dedications page.)

$1000: Partner
Sponsored Clinical Partner (All preparations delivered to a chosen practitioner will be accompanied by your dedication, again with each patient receiving an opportunity to reply with a personalized thank-you)

$2000: Colleague
A one-on-one discussion of FMT and microbiome research with an expert in the field and member of the OpenBiome team over lunch in Cambridge, MA or via Skype anywhere.

$5000: Friend
Dinner with the entire OpenBiome team in Cambridge (transportation not included).

Note: Donors at each level will also receive all rewards from lower levels.

Have a question about your donation or want to earmark it to a specific project? Let us know at