Save Your Microbiome for a Rainy Day

Jessica Leber from FastCompany interviews OpenBiome Co-founder and Executive Director James Burgess about OpenBiome's new personalized microbiome banking service, PersonalBiome. Take a look!

An excerpt from the article: "Many of these transplants, which now only require swallowing a pill, have been done with OpenBiome’s material. The group serves as a repository and screening facility for willing "poop donors" and has provided safe transplant material to 7,000 patients. Now, it is piloting a new service called PersonalBiome, which will allow people who are vulnerable to C. diff infections to proactively save their own microbiome for a rainy day. Burgess compares it to the way a woman might freeze her eggs, if she’s worried about her future fertility."

Find out about how to participate in OpenBiome's pilot launch of PersonalBiome here