"A New Kind of Transplant Bank"

Peter Andrey Smith featured OpenBiome in The New York Times on Feb 17th (it appears in Feb 18th's paper edition). The story explores the role of stool banks and questions about how to regulate stool for fecal transplantation. Here is an excerpt:

"CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Around noon on a recent Friday, Donor Five, a healthy 31-year-old, walked across M.I.T.’s frigid, wind-swept campus to a third-floor restroom to make a contribution to public health.

Less than two hours later, a technician blended the donor’s stool into preparations that looked like chocolate milk. The material was separated and stored in freezers at an M.I.T. microbiology lab, awaiting shipment to hospitals around the country. Each container was carefully labeled: Fecal Microbiota Preparation."

Read the full piece here