About OpenBiome

OpenBiome is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding safe access to fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) therapies. Founded by a small team of microbiologists, public health advocates, and concerned citizens, OpenBiome aims to significantly reduce the practical barriers for clinicians providing FMTs, while connecting scientists across studies and disciplines. 

Why did we launch OpenBiome?

Motivated by scientific curiosity and frustration at the struggle of a friend suffering from recurrent C. difficile, we founded the OpenBiome project to give a broader pool of clinicians access to the carefully screened samples necessary to perform FMT.

Despite the underlying simplicity and efficacy of FMT, it has become difficult to practice at the scale required due to the challenges of screening donors and processing stool material. OpenBiome is designed to simplify the FMT process by freeing clinicians to focus on providing care and conducting research rather than preparing stool and filing paperwork.